From Silent Beginnings to Confident Endings

It’s no surprise that I’m rather quiet and shy. However, this semester has helped me gain somethings that really I don’t naturally have…Confidence and bravery. I had the bravery to tell everyone ‘Advertisers think I’m female’ from the ApplyMagicSauce platform we all did, and the confidence that just because marketers view me one way I’m more than a label. In a weird way, it’s helped me feel more comfortable with life. I’m not embarrassed anymore to say ‘I played with Barbies as a kid’.

And part of this bravery, this valor, this comfort in myself was further supported by researching Phil Ochs’ music and talking about him to individuals like fellow classmate Josh. That underneath my slew of speech difficulties and mockery I’ve experienced to this day still about my annunciation – I am Seth. So I guess what I’m getting at is this semester helped open my eyes to myself. To aid in quieting my own personal John Butler Train – The near mute, slightly creepy me – and return to you I am. And to help explain this, I decided to do something else that I learned this semester that helps speak the words I can’t find. A Spotify playlist of who I am. So that when I’m gone, and no longer in the second row third seat from the wall – I will be known. I may still be quietly sitting. So that the quiet demeanor of myself is shed even slightly, and that after Phil Ochs and our class as a whole… I rediscovered something I lost. So basically, even if I remain quiet and mostly silent in my future at OSU, at least now there’s a bit more information about me. And oddly, it seems like a way Phil would approve of…Even if they aren’t all his works. I’d also like to end the semester with a call back to the first blog we all had here on WordPress: New beginnings. I feel like that this feeling of rediscovery may carry forth to other fields and aspects of life – Even if I still still sit behind a wall of awkwardness and silence. It’s really about faking it til you make it…And that final project is almost made.

Vincent Playlist


2 thoughts on “From Silent Beginnings to Confident Endings

  1. Thanks, Seth. Did you link to your playlist here? I can’t find it.

    I’ve learned that the secret to drawing you out is to get you working collaboratively others. I’ve been really impressed with your strong blog writing this semester. That’s fair warning–now I know what you’re capable of and will have even higher expectations…Glad you took the class. See you next semester, no doubt.


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