Knightlab and the TimelineJS

Timelines are something that can be incredibly interesting. They can help aid in the process of displaying information in an easy to understandable fashion, help aid in connections and can further help tie in the true distances between different events. For example, Anne Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King JR had the same birth year – showing the closeness between WWII and Civil Rights really were. One kind of timeline, structure wise, I personally like is Knight Lab’s Timeline JS.

TimelineJS is an easy to use open-source timeline website that can has helped input of media outlets including, but not limited to, The New York Times, NPR, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Owned by Northwestern University, it can stay online for an extended period time. Plus as it remains open-source it’s free and copyright free.

Furthermore, it can help create a fluid structure. For example, it can aid in both pinpointing down specific events such as the night Phil Ochs wore his infamous golden suit, to more broader time frames including the travel to other countries and continents like Africa or Cuba.

Additionally, TimelineJS also looks lovely as far as aesthetics with a semi minimal amount of flow and display – As far as text and images go. Also you are able to embed videos and multimedia into certain events.

Ultimately, I personally liked Knight Lab’s TimelineJS more however – I also enjoyed the structure and organization of TikiToki as it also looks well organized and easy on the eyes, even if I dislike the 3-D viewer personally as it looks a little bit tacky like almost like trying too hard / Could be hard to navigate or load for slower computers or even smart devices.



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