Can’t Seem to Get My Phil: Audio Project with Fellow Classmate, Josh Davidson

The interview that I had with fellow classmate Joshua Davidson was interesting, to say the least. What worked well was my partners knowledge of audio recording and manipulation to provide an excellent sounding recording and almost dialogue. However, during the recording process we did have a minor problem with the mix and getting all of the recorded audio in one take. Additionally, as I was nervous, I kept stumbling on my words and speech. Upon listening to the actual recording, we realized two things. One, on our second take recording Josh’s microphone met with an untimely end which made us sound like the spawns of Satan. When we did get the audio to record correctly, I personally realized two things. One, my voice is really annoying sounding in a digital format. And two, I sound absolutely nothing like Tim Curry (Which I didn’t think I did sound like, but a guy can wish). Regardless, after sorting out our audio recording and I feigned confidence in communication – It went better.

The actual process was surprisingly smoother than I honestly anticipated. I thought it would be this horribly arduous event that would encourage me to speak even less than I already do but instead – It was fluid. We actually sounded like a semi professional unit, a micro NPR presentation almost discussing the folk hero that was Phil Ochs. Furthermore, there was a minor miscommunication debacle about whom should upload it it but again – After that, it was smooth sailing.


4 thoughts on “Can’t Seem to Get My Phil: Audio Project with Fellow Classmate, Josh Davidson

  1. “I feigned confidence in communication” This is an important point! A lot of this stuff involves feigning confidence and being ok with a lack of polish. The unpolished quality actually lends authenticity to digital media, so don’t fret too much about it. And, I’d say, in general, the rule for professionalizing oneself is “fake it until you make it.” Feigning confidence is a skill all its own.


  2. I appreciate that y’all brought up the global appeal of his songs. He wasn’t just concerned with one geographical area and his songs could be sung with relevancy around the world.


  3. I liked that your project not only gave a great overview to who Phil Ochs was but also you encouraged people to go listen to his music and check him out themselves. Great job!


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