Woodie Guthrie and the Covenant of the Lost Archieves

Despite my numerous shortcomings, there is one thing I’m rather proud of: I work, and have been for about three years, in with a historic preservation office of the Osage nation. Amongst all the things I personally do, their is one thing specifically that I put care into like a child are the archival primary documents. These include hand written letters from the 1800’s and even original photographs from the era. Because of this, I feel like I have a decent understanding of what archivists do. I anticipate the Woodie Guthrie archives to be a bastion of organization, structure and implementing tools such as archival paper clips and archival tissue paper. Additionally, I’d like to hope that documents are stored in a climate control area, if not slightly chilled to prevent bacteria and mold from taking hold after previously held in the bowels of other individuals. My questions are first what the most illustrious archival piece in the Woody Guthrie center. Second I would like to know the general time it takes to properly enter pieces into their respective database and if processing speed depends on medium.


3 thoughts on “Woodie Guthrie and the Covenant of the Lost Archieves

  1. Wow thats so cool!1 I remember you mentioned that once that you did that. What are some of the coolest things you’ve worked on and are there any images you could add (with permission obviously0 to your blog?


    1. Unfortunately I was unable to acquire photos as we recently got a new archaeologist and we all needed to assist in addition to a research project. Plus some of our things are governmental classified. However, in my opinion the coolest things I’ve worked with are an 1863 Original transcript of a meeting of numerous Native American chiefs including Claremore, Blackdog and Chief Whitehair / Pba’hue Ska (Ancestor of me personally) and pre-Colombian projectile points dated thousands of years old and creating a digital replica we are able to print off for conferences and meetings with other government entities.


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